Angie Oase

Pennyroyal, “Sad Face / Glad Face” — That blond mohawk on singer Angie Oase’s head sure does belie the high, piercing, hair-raising sound coming out of her mouth. She looks like a U.K. punk-rocker but sings like she left the Cranberries to join a Patsy Cline tribute band. Her band’s full-length debut counterbalances her pretty voice with raw, echoey and vaguely Americana-flavored rock that’s as elegant or gritty as it wants to be. The most punk thing about it is the attitudinal songwriting style of Oase and guitarist/co-vocalist Ethan Rutherford. “The rock stars in this town should head on down to L.A., and leave me with my simple music to play,” she sings in “Simple Music,” a call-to-purity that defines the album.

-Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune


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