Black Market Brass

Du Nord Craft Spirits Stage: 10:15-12:00AM – Full Schedule

Black Market Brass is a Minneapolis-based group composing their own brand of original Afrobeat/Afrofunk music, as well as performing authentic renditions of classic 1970’s West African sounds. The 11 piece strives to create a genuine sound that emulates artists like Fela Kuti, K. Frimpong, and Ebo Taylor. Whether performing live or recording sessions, the ensemble aspires to preserve the truest representation of the genre. 

“I think it took a little while for them to realize that they play Afrobeat as well or better than most of the bands out there doing it today. I watched as they transitioned from playing spot-on covers of Fela and Tony Allen to writing their own material.” Secret Stash founder Eric Foss.

Taking their cues from the godfathers, the band draws on complex polyrhythmic percussion, driving bass lines, dizzying guitar interplay, rolling keyboards, and room commanding brass to round out their unique sound.

 “That afrobeat band sounds great!” says Poets of Rhythm founder Jan Weissenfeldt “I wish more bands like this would come touring here…. there is a serious lack of that sound played live in Germany.” 

Formed in spring 2012, the band signed with local label Secret Stash Records in May 2013 and released a 7 inch in September. The future looks bright for Black Market Brass, with the continuing success of their debut setting the stage for a follow up release, the band is wrapping up writing and looking forward to the spring 2014 sessions.

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