Cornbread Harris

James Samuel “Cornbread” Harris Sr. is a Twin Cities legend.  His earliest influences were in country music, citing Hank Williams Sr. and Gene Autry among his favorites.  Cornbread began learning piano at the age of 13, but he quickly grew tired of having his hands slapped with rulers by “the nuns” and he quit.   He hit the piano once again in his early twenties, but this time around it was all about the Blues and he just kept on playing.

Now in his nineties, Cornbread is more active than ever in the local music scene.  He plays several regular weekly and monthly gigs, and now incorporates jazz into his vast repertoire.  He can be seen solo, backed up or playing with Cadillac Kolstad or other musicians.

Don’t let his age fool you, Cornbread is full of life and is always hopeful about the future.


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