There is no doubt the city of Minneapolis is chock-full of award-winning diners, beautiful architecture and fascinating people. However, some of the best in Minnesota history can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Walk into Palmer’s Bar on Cedar Avenue around 10 a.m. and chances are you will find local legend “Spider” John Koerner sitting at the edge of the bar, sipping on a hot coffee, while filling in the blanks of a newspaper crossword puzzle.

Posted by Bo Weber on 2/21/15 ~ Music in Minnesota

The Twin Cities’ Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival recently took to Indiegogo to help raise funds for this year’s festivities. And while their tempting, original rewards for contributing are eye-catching enough (with the fundraising campaign open until June 10), now the folks associated with our Best Rock Festival of the past year have revealed their 2014 lineup, and the contributions from fans are clearly helping to bring in some great local and national acts.

A crossroads between young hipster cool, old hippie good vibes and big-city multiculturalism, the area around Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue in south Minneapolis is spiritedly reflected in the eclectic lineup and general let-it-roll atmosphere of Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues. The single-day bash lands on a Saturday (July 19 this year) in and around Patrick’s Cabaret and Harriet Brewing, with an assortment of outdoor and indoor stages and two dozen or so bands.

Of course we love our outdoor music fests in Minnesota. We’ll even put up with long beer lines, crappy food, filler bands, and poor sound — as long as they aren’t all present — for some fun in the sun. But we didn’t have a single quibble with this past summer’s Twin Cities Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Music Festival.

The Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival is such a good time that we just named it our Best Rock Festival of the past year. This year, event organizer Patrick’s Cabaret has created an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help cover some of the costs of putting on the celebratory daylong musical festival, which this year will be held on July 19.

The campaign has already reached 12 percent of its goal of $10,000, with donations accepted until June 10. In addition to the satisfaction of helping fund a truly wonderful music festival, there are also plenty of perks and rewards offered up for various donation levels.


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