RRDB7 KFAI Kick-Off Party

KFAI Community Radio & Nobool Presents:
Roots, Rock & Deep Blues Kick-Off Party
Friday, July 14 at The Hook and Ladder Theater
Nicholas David, Jeff Ray & The Stakes, & Curt Obeda (of The Butanes) with Camille Baudoin (of New Orleans Radiators)

• Doors 7pm • Music 8pm • $15 Donation
~ Firehouse PAC Fundraiser ~


Special Roots, Rock, Deep Blues Festival Packages
“Everything Package”
$40 ($55 value)
(Includes: • Friday Kick-Off Party • RRDB Festival • Saturday Night After-Party)

“All Day Saturday Package”
$30 ($40 value)
Includes: • RRDB Festival • Saturday Night After-Party)

Nicholas David – 10pm
Nicholas’ music is a fully integrative experience, incorporating multiple genres and influences ranging everywhere from Prince to Beethoven. His powerful voice, enriching lyrics and liquid piano playing set him apart and are the reason Skope Magazine calls him “an authentic artist of this millennium.” His captivating melodies embody an unbridled passion for music, and his lyrics convey the thoughts of a truly humble, intelligent and genuine human being. When it comes to his iconic live shows, Nicholas is a one-of-a-kind and must-see act. As if channeling inspiration from an outside source, the instant he walks on stage he gives himself over to the music. Fans have even gone as far to speak of his performances as a spiritual service that they actually want to attend. His emotional approach to songwriting and performing is the very reason the thriving Twin Cities music scene affectionately nicknamed him ‘the feelin.’

Jeff Ray & The Stakes – 9pm
Musicians from the Midwest have a knack for reinventing tradition. Jeff Ray is no exception. Go to any one of his performances and you’ll hear his fans say the same thing, “his music sounds old and new at the same time”. Born and raised in Minnesota, Ray left home at the age of 17 to cut his teeth in Memphis. It was through those travels that he developed his unmistakable “East-meets-West” Bluesy Americana sound.
Watch closely and you’ll see Jeff Ray’s thumb keep the bass note thumping while he glides a glass slide seamlessly across the fret board. At the same time, his foot drives a heavy backbeat while he’s joined by Nick Salisbury (bass), Mikkel Beckmen (washboard), and Hurricane Harold Tremblay (harmonica).

Curt Obeda & Camile Baudoin – 8pm
For over 33 years, guitarist Camile Baudoin laid down the groove for the epic New Orleans rock band The Radiators, defining that lugubrious Crescent City sound known as “fishhead music” with his funk-driven rhythms, powerful slide work, and incendiary solos. Curt Obeda is a member of the Minnesota Blues Hall Of Fame and the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame. Butanes band leader for 33 1/2 years and counting. 9 CDs. Curt was the 1st guest on Fancy Ray McCloney’s Get Down With It! show…



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